Vienna Vikings Partner with to Encourage Crypto Adoption

• has announced an exclusive partnership with the Vienna Vikings, a European League of Football champions team.
• The effort is to encourage cryptocurrency adoption among American football fans around the world.
• This collaboration marks’s active involvement in the sports industry and could lead to a global wave of interest in the ever-growing crypto ecosystem. Partners With Vienna Vikings, a gateway crypto platform blending CeFi and DeFi in one concept, has revealed their exclusive partnership with the ELF (European League of Football) champions Vienna Vikings. According to the official statement, this effort is intended to encourage cryptocurrency adoption among numerous fans of American football around the world.

Why The Vienna Vikings?

The Vienna Vikings have dominated American football in Austria for the past two decades, winning 15 national Austrian Bowls and 5 Eurobowl titles over that time period. They started strong in their first season of ELF by beating Hamburg Sea Devils 27-15 in the Championship Game 2022 and are currently leading ahead of matchups against Raiders Tirol and Panthers Wroclaw this year as they attempt to “Run It Back” and repeat resounding success from their previous season. Additionally, they have established themselves as a powerhouse program with great youth development – Bernhard Raimann (OL Indianapolis Colts) and Bernhard Seikovits (TE Arizona Cardinals) both previously played for them before being drafted into NFL teams recently – as well as having a persuasive fanbase which made them an ideal partner for as they enter into the thriving American football space.

Mutually Beneficial Relationship

Choise has already onboarded more than 1 million users in over 170 countries to its platform and keeps spreading awareness about digital assets by joining efforts with leading brands from various sectors – making this partnership mutually beneficial for both parties involved: Choise will gain exposure within an expansive fanbase while also helping promote cryptocurrency adoption while Vienna Vikings benefit from access to new resources given by this collaboration such as marketing support or sponsorship deals that Choise can provide them with since it is backed by several venture capitalists across Europe who have invested millions into it so far.

Incentivizing Crypto Adoption

The alliance between Choise & Vienna Vikings has been formed amid rapidly growing interest towards cryptocurrencies all around globe which was further enabled by recent regulatory changes like introduction of Bitcoin ETFs or increased acceptance towards digital assets even from traditional financial institutions like JP Morgan or Goldman Sachs who now allow institutional investors access these markets through dedicated products like custody services or trading solutions respectively – thus incentivizing even more individuals & businesses alike look into what blockchain technology offers & how can it benefit them either directly or indirectly be it via increasing efficiency & transparency within existing processes/systems they use on daily basis or simply allowing them safe storage & transfer value without relying on third parties like banks who could potentially limit/restrict access due user’s location/residency status etc…


It appears that both sides are looking forward to working together & achieving mutual goals: bringing benefits associated with cryptocurrencies closer not only passionate fans within Austrian/European American Football community but people all over world regardless if they’re interested sport itself or just want explore potential opportunities presented by blockchain technology field at large!