Collect 7,743 NFTs with Lasogette: Get Your Piece of the Ethereum Boom!

• The Lasogette collection is a collection of non-fungible tokens built on the Ethereum network.
• There are currently 1642 owners for the Lasogette NFT collection and it has a market capitalization of 76.14 ETH.
• The price of an individual Lasogette token can vary depending on the project’s development and promotional activities.

Overview of Lasogette Collection

The Lasogette collection is a non-fungible tokens (NFT) collection built on the Ethereum network created in 30 August, 2022. It consists of 7,743 items and has gained over 1,642 owners in 203 days since its launch. The total market capitalization of the Lasogette NFT collection is 76.14 ETH and 8,754 collections sales were made at an average price of 0.09 ETH (~$152.65). This created a total volume in 769.597 ETH with floor price as 0.009 ETH and 30-day trading volume as 1.11 ETH while payment tokens are ETH and WETH only.

Factors Affecting NFT Prices

NFTs are still new to blockchain technology so there isn’t any historical data to assess their value accurately at this moment in time which further means that prices can vary significantly from one NFT to another or even within one specific project’s NFTs itself; based on factors such as how established the project is and how it has been developed or promoted by its creators/community etcetera.. Established projects have had more opportunity to improve themselves due to their first-mover advantage which makes them more valuable than those made out of greed or exploitation, who often lack any real substance or value altogether.

Lasogette Price & Sales

The average price for each item from the Lasogette NFT collections is 0.09 ETH (~$152.65). Buyers pay zero basis points, while sellers need to pay 250 basis points both for dev & opensea .io fees respectively when making transactions with these tokens along with paying payment tokens being limited to just ETH & WETH only .

Examples from Lasogette Collection

Some examples from the Lasogette collection include Sogettes 1696, 1697, 1698 & 1699 alongside many other unique pieces all with varying prices but also sharing some common features such as needing buyers paying zero basis points whilst sellers need to pay 250 basis points when transacting using these tokens regardless if it’s for dev or opensea .io fees where payment tokens again remain limited only to be used being either ETH or WETH depending on user preference/choice..

Is The Collection Overpriced Or Underpriced?

It is difficult to determine whether items from the Lasogette Collection are overpriced or underpriced without further context into how the market develops further over time given this technology remains relatively new compared to others present today meaning that no precedents exist yet that could help us make better judgement calls regarding their true values in comparison one another especially when we consider certain projects have had more time/opportunity than others for improvement due largely because they started earlier during this ‘boom’ period giving them greater legitimacy overall amongst consumers when compared against those projects made purely out of greed/exploitation which typically don’t offer much by way real value anyways..