Bitcoin Price Poised For Bull Run: Indicators Suggest Significant Upside

• Bitcoin (BTC) has slowed recently, relying on support areas to continue its uptrend since the beginning of the year.
• Investors are optimistic about the crypto market with three ETFs adding over 1,465 Bitcoins this month.
• The number of addresses holding 0.1+ coins has hit an all-time high (ATH) of 4,217,261 according to Glassnode data.

Bitcoin Price Slowdown

Recently, Bitcoin (BTC) price action has been slow and is relying on previously recovered support areas to continue its strong performance since the beginning of the year. There are expectations that BTC may break into new levels and reach yearly highs in a possible new bull run as investors return to the cryptocurrency market en masse.

Investors Bet Big On Crypto Market

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) have seen a sharp increase in their holdings as reported by ByteTree – with three different ETFs adding over 1,465 Bitcoins this month. This suggests that market sentiment towards crypto industry has shifted positively from when crises occurred earlier this year such as FTX bankruptcy, Three Arrows Capital feud and Gemini vs Genesis dispute. Retail and wealthy investors have been fuelling BTC’s rally together with increasing optimism in the market.

Addresses Holding 0.1+ Coins Hits ATH

The number of addresses holding 0.1+ coins associated with retail investors has hit an all-time high (ATH) of 4,217,261 according to Glassnode data – surpassing its previous ATH reported on January 11th 2023 which was 4,217,135 addresses holding flagged currency. This indicates growing interest towards Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies among retail investors who likely expect further upside potential for cryptos in general moving forward based on current trends in the market.

BitStarz Player Lands Record Win

A BitStarz player recently landed a record win amounting to $2,459,124! This further shows how much potential there is for those willing to bet big on digital currencies like Bitcoin – potentially leading to massive profits if luck goes your way! It’s become increasingly common for players at various casinos and betting sites to be rewarded with huge payouts due to changing regulations around online gambling making it easier for them access these services legally wherever they’re located worldwide without needing any specific licenses or permission from authorities in most cases just yet!


The current trends suggest that Bitcoin is primed for a significant upside along with renewed investor optimism in the cryptocurrency market despite occasional setbacks like recent feuds between major crypto companies or bankruptcies occurring from time-to-time within industry circles – retail investors especially seem confident about future prospects based off current bullishness shown by various metrics such as address holders & ETF additions which point toward more positive news ahead!